Janet Jackson James Debarge Daughter – A Secret Child?


Rumors circulated about Janet Jackson and James Debarge having a secret child. The couple was married briefly way back in the year 1984. According to reports, they had a daughter. This was stated and pitched by the brother of DeBarge named Young. This was claimed on a radio program. As that happened, a lot of people became interested with Janet Jackson James Debarge daughter. 

According to Young DeBarge, the name of the said secret child is Renee. She is now 18 years old. She is residing with Rebbie Jackson who is the eldest sister of Janet. The comments given by him were able to support most reports which revolved around years ago. This secret daughter had been talked about.

The publicist of Jackson chose not to immediately return the call undertaken by the Association Press. James DeBarge and Janet were married and the marriage did not stay long. It only lasted for three months. The singer was only 18 years old during that time. After a year, the couple’s marriage has been annulled. This legally separated them.

Young also said that the family ties of James and Janet had always been intact and close. He said that even if they were not very much revealing of the situation, they were real important to each other. Not a lot of people know how everything worked out for them. This was changed though when news suddenly surfaced over the media. He even commended Renee for being a wonderful singer that she is.

In the year 1991, Jackson married again. This time, she had Rene Elizondo. They were separated way back in 1999. She now dates Jermaine Dupri who is the long-term career partner of Mariah Carey.

Why were people so fussed about Janet having a child though? This might be the question of some. Well, today, Janet Jackson was known for not having any kid at all. However, aside from the interview, pictures of the claimed daughter also began to strike people. According to the people who saw the picture, denying will not help anymore because the girl resembles Janet.

Rumors about the secret child have been talked about. The news circulated in the ‘80s. This turned out to be the subject of most discussions. The gossips were initially turned down by Janet. The same was also true with many allegations. She said that the secret lovechild was a false. There were those who believe otherwise.

The secret child was said to be conceived by Janet when she was still very young. There was even a story related to Omar, who was supposed to be her son too. However, no one was able to provide pictures for the mentioned two. This changed though because someone said that she got to talk to the daughter of Jackson. The girl was said to be passing as that of Stevanna Jackson. This was her niece who just finished her master’s degree from Harvard. She spoke to the girl and even revealed that the family only covered up the daughter.