Halle Berry’s Daughter is Growing so Fast, and She’s Turning into a Beautiful Individual

Halle Berry’s Daughter is Growing so Fast, and She’s Turning into a Beautiful Individual

When your mom is as stunning and popular as Esquire’s 2008 Sexiest Woman Alive, it’s normal that the media would stick up their nose in your business until you fully grow up and make a career for yourself. Take for example Nahla Ariela Aubry, Halle’s first-born child. This curly haired angel was born on March 16, 2008. She is now 7 years old and she’s growing more and more beautiful like her mom. Nahla is Halle Berry’s daughter to former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.  Her two parents have shared custody over her and they had to go through a long and epic legal battle before they came into terms.

Tumultuous relationship of her parents

The two even fought over Nahla’s hairstyle. Gabriel attempted to straighten her hair but Halle got infuriated saying that he was trying to make their daughter more “white.” She slammed Gabriel for being racist because of the sudden hair dyeing and straightening of the child.

The judge had to intervene between the hair arguments of the two and said that neither of them can change how their child’s hair looked. After everything was smoothened out, Nahla resided with her dad, Gabriel and Halle started sending him $3,800 a month.

When they first started to file for child support, the initial child support that Halle needed to give to Gabriel every month amounted to $16 000, but she later filed for an appeal in the court saying that he too was becoming too dependent with the given money. She had to reduce what she gave to him for Nahla to teach him a lesson. She also reported him to the court for using the child support money for his personal needs.

A brother from another father

Nahla already had a younger baby brother as Halle married the French actor Oliver. Nahla’s younger brother is called Maceo.  He was born when Nahla was 6 years old. Both of these kids enjoy great time with one another during weekends or when Mama Berry isn’t filming her “Extant” series. The siblings were spotted together with their mom when they went to Disneyland.

She’s all ready to help out

Halle said she is so proud of Nahla because she loves to help her around when she does the groceries. Apart from that Halle is also proud because Nahla is growing into a philanthropist. When Halle is not busy taping her movies and series, she is often seen with her two kids or she is seen doing charities. Little Nahla always tags along and she always gives away toys that she no longer uses.

Just recently, the mother and daughter duo went to Nicaragua to join the World Food Programme in visiting schools to assess the hunger situation in the area.

Apart from joining charity trips, Nahla also sends all of her earning in the lemonade stand she puts up every summer to those who are in need abroad. Sometimes she even sends money to places she hasn’t even been to yet. She knows that she is more blessed than the others and at a young age, she already realized that she has a duty to stretch out her hand and help those in need.