Teri Hatcher Daughter – Who is Emerson Tenney?


Teri Hatcher daughter, Emerson Rose Tenney is the actress’ child with actor, Jon Tenney. Ever since, Emerson became known in her pursuit for philanthropic work. All of these she has undertaken for the last couple of years. There are numerous organizations that benefited from her endeavor. Aside from this, she also initiated and created a charitable website. The said website is ReachandSafe.com. This made Tenney the real voice of most animated films such as Planes and Coraline.

When Emerson was still young, the consciousness to volunteer and work hit her. This started when she was 10 years of age to be more exact. This was the time when she got to travel from Nairobi, Kenya. She brought $25,000 as funds and even supplies in order to reach a hand for orphans who were identified to have AIDS. There was a claim saying that when Emerson was still in her sophomore year in high school, she already lent a hand to others when travelling. This started upon going to Argentina along with a well-acclaimed war photographer in the name of Sebastian Rich.

With the aforementioned experience, Emerson was able to interview teenagers who were from various socioeconomic backgrounds. These were used for an ongoing project that was later on called The Catalyst. This was meant to search for hopeful outlooks so that positive change could be undertaken. This may start from the teens of the individual, and it may be the case for all over the world.

After the year way back in November 2014, Emerson made another gig as she turned out to be a model for the international campaign of Claire’s. She said she was able to help the benefit through it. She added that she was that kind of girl. Emerson also took charge in assisting the creation of bracelet which was then being sold at the Claire’s. This supported the campaign in order for the self-esteem of girls to be raised. This was also meant for girls worldwide.

The aforementioned website www.Reachandsafe.com was initiated by Emerson. The mission of this was to make it instrumental in myriad causes since everyone always deserve the right for their dream to be reached. This should always be done through the safety of knowing that someone has their back. After a month, Emerson was able to raise the fund because of her blogs. She talked about cross-country road and even trip/college tour on the site she has.

As for September 2014, she then persevered in helping people in need through volunteerism. She did this in Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. This was made a significant part of the Third Thursday program. A new project was again launched by the website in January 2015. This was referred to as the Interviews with Artists. The project was able to raise almost $50,000 that was needed for the opening of playrooms. This occurred in the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles which happened for a day in the whole year.