Florence Ballard Daughters and More

Florence Ballard Daughters

Jennifer Hudson really succeeded with her performance in Dreamgirls. After this, the spotlight has been turned to Florence Ballard. She is said to be the singer in real life whose life was used as a basis for the entire movie. During the time Hudson was present to have her Golden Globe accepted, she had to make a special dedication directed to Ballad. She concluded that the mentioned will not be forgotten.

Anyone who knows the story of the legendary girl group, the Supremes, have always the right to know how crucial it is to pay tribute to the biggest stars of Motown.

This was the juncture when Florence Ballard gained her so ever international fame as the founding member of the group, the Supremes. However, in the year 1967, she was suddenly kicked out from the group itself. There were people who said that this only reflects what took place in the character of Jennifer in the movie.

It is not a secret that Mary Wilson and Diana Ross both became successful with their solo ever careers. Since the path of Florence became different, she struggled with alcoholism and depression. With this, she died earlier than expected. She was only 32 way back then. What was even more saddening is the fact that Florence Ballad daughters were left alone, and they were three. They were in the midst of poverty during that time.

Among the daughters of Florence were Michelle and Nicole Chapman. They had a younger sister in the name of Lisa. Lisa has her own home in Detroit now. This was really far from the original Motown headquarters.

The moment Florence Ballard died because of heart attack in the year 1976, there were many people who were seen in the funeral. This included Diana Ross. However, since her children got really older, they were stuck in the hard time and this could not be denied at all.

During an interview, Lisa said she is clueless about who she needs to blame since their whole life, they have been cheated.  They told the public that what they only have from their mother are photographs and memories. All of these are fading. Do not get this wrong though because they made clear that they do not have ill feeling towards any members of the group. This is very unlikely to occur or happen.

The children were very much vocal about Diana Ross helping them. The singer did this by putting up a trust fund which was set up for the children of the late singer. However, they claimed that something went wrong because when they were in the right age, all the fund was no longer in sight. Supposedly, every girl is expected to receive $10,000. This did not happen, sad to say.

The sisters were thrilled when they saw a clip of their mother performing. They were also emotional when they went to the grave of her because no grave headstone was used. There was only a marker. This made everything harder.