Billy Joels Daughter – The Perfect Example of Glamour

Billy Joel introduced her newly born daughter to the public by showing her image. She was named Della Rose. The news about Billy Joels daughter was also happily shared by his wife too. Alexis also took part in the introduction of the child before the public. A tenfold of moments already circulated the internet. A dark-haired cute baby was seen and she was lying comfortably in the arms of her mother. She was wearing an onesie and she turned out to be a bright kid for she was smiling bright already.

A magazine confirmed that the baby was welcomed in New York. It happened around 2:40 AM in August.

The couple just recently got married secretly in Long Island. They own an estate there. They united in the fourth of July. The singer is 66, while Alexis is 33 years old. Many photos were posted in the Instagram account of Alexa Ray. She did this so that she could honor her half-sister. She celebrated the birth of the child and she even called her precious. Alexa is 29 years old. There was this popular picture she captured on a beach.

Focusing on Alexa Ray, she too has made a name for herself. This singer, pianist and songwriter just built a following for herself. She was the child of Billy with his then ex-wife Christie Brinkley, a model. In the year 2006, Alexa Ray released her very own EP sketches. Aside from this, she also did the same for various singles. All of these were obtained from an independent record label. Afterwards, she also got to perform in different charity events. She did this even in New York City as well where fashion events are also launched. In the year 2010, she became the spokesmodel of Prell.

Joel grew up in Manhattan, New York. Her middle name termed as Rey was given to her because of Ray Charles. She has a half-brother and a half-sister too. These though were from the side of her mother. Della Rose is her half-sister from the side of Billy. As mentioned above, she was just born recently. She was really delighted about the news.

In the year 1993, Billy wrote a song for her with a title – Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel.) According to Billy, the said song is one of his favorites from the album. There is also The Downeaster Alexa. This song is from the 1989. This title was given to a boat too. The song itself speaks about the struggles being faced by the fishermen of Long Island. This is where the premise revolves. Billy got used to making a lot of references. He did the same for his father in 1989 through a song called Leningrad.

Joel will always be popular because of his melodic song writing. This must have been inherited by Alexa. As a matter of fact, she always credits her father for the talent. She said she was able to have a solid background in the process which made her the good song writer that she is today.