Paul Mccartney Daughter and Other Relationships

Paul Mccartney Daughter and Other Relationships

It is known as a fact that Paul McCartney had a tenfold of relationships under his name. This started way back when he was still in Liverpool, which was his earlier years, down to the time when he became a member of the Beatles already. His engagement to Dot Rhone, an actress was the first one. This was followed by that of Jane Asher. He married thrice to Nancy Shevell, Linda Eastman and Heather Mills. These were all popular too aside from Paul Mccartney daughter. 

As mentioned, Paul Mccartney started with Dot Rhone. Their relationship transpired when he was still in Liverpool. This actually led him to purchasing her a gold ring. He did the buying in Hamburg. When they were in London, McCartney started a new relationship with Asher. This lasted five years. They even resided in the parents of Asher for almost three years. During that span of time, a couple of songs were written. These included the well-known Yesterday. There were also songs in which inspiration was drawn from Asher. This included And I Lover Her, I’m Looking Through You and You Won’t See Me. On the 25th of December 1967, the engagement of the two was announced. However, they also separated in 1968.

After the separation of Asher and Paul, the latter met Linda Eastman. This transpired in a club found in London. The meeting happened when he was still with Asher. They were able to see each other gain after a launch party was devised for the Beatles. This was intended for the Sgt. Pepper album. During May 1968, McCartney crossed path with Eastman. This on the other hand occurred in New York. They were then married on the 12th of March 1969. Together, they had three kids. They pushed the marriage through until Eastman died because of cancer in 1998.

In January 2000, McCartney attended a party with Heather Mills beside him. This was a way to have her 32nd birthday celebrated. They married after two years in June 11 at the Castle Leslie located in Glaslough, Ireland. Beatrice is their daughter. In 2006, they started living apart. The financial terms of their divorce was even put into the finalization. This gave Mills L24.3 million. After this experience, McCartney started to date again. This time around, November 2007, he was with Nancy Shevell already. She is a member of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority. She was even the Vice President of New England Motor Freight. This was family-owned. In the 6th of May 2011, the two let the public learn about their engagement. They married after that on October 9, 2011 in London.

The girlfriends of Paul McCartney have been identified easily. This started with Layla in 1959. Paul said that during that time, the name was still pretty unusual for him. This was true most especially as he stayed in Liverpool. The girl was older than that of McCartney. There was even a time when she would have to baby-sit with her. All of these happened.