Brandy Norwood Daughter – What you do not know about their marriage

Brandy Norwood Daughter – What you do not know about their marriage

Way back in the 70’s, the Looking Glass, a band from New Jersey came with a smashing hit called Brandy – You’re a Fine Girl. The chorus was about the woman having a tenfold of tendencies in being a good wife. This story line was somehow realistic to the case of Robert Smith. Indeed, he would have never thought of Brandy being a good wife to their children. This was the case with Brandy Norwood daughter. There might have been a point when Brandy and Robert pretended to be the perfect couple. Whatever claims made were invalidated when Brandy revealed the real score in an interview.

More about Brandy and the couple

There was a claim said by Brandy about the previous months in their lives prior to the birth of Sy’rai. She is now six years old. In the year 2002, she announced that she would marry Smith. This might occurred even secretly. She said that this was a lie because she was afraid of people. She also added that there was a pressure on the role she was playing. She wanted to be an epitome to be emulated. This was the main reason why she tried her best to make the relationship real. She strived for them to be more than just legally married.

However, nothing could be done to stop the couple from breaking. This happened in the year 2003. After three years, Brandy became a victim of a multi-car collision. This happened on 101 freeway on LA. This killed a 38-year-old woman.

It was a really tough time for all of them. The incident was never brought up to Sy’rai. Of course, she had to be a tough mother. She needed every energy she could channel just to be strong. This was the main reason why she cry whenever she sleeps. The responsibility was just too much for her during those times.

Brandy was lucky enough because there were no charges filed. But then, she is still facing a civil suit worth $50 million. This was filed against the whole family of the victim.

In the midst of the aforementioned, she was still casted a title character in a TV show. This is called Moesha. This stars Kevin Federline. This was shown on the public for almost six seasons.

In her whole singing career, she is referred to as Brandy. She never really used the last name. Under her name comes Top 10 singles she was able to obtain for the whole decades. This includes Sittin up in my Room and The Boy is Mine. The same is also true with Have you ever.

Brandy has a daughter. Even if, she still desires to be married. Recently though, she called her engagement off. This was reported in the year 2014. Despite what happened though, they were still friends. This was like taking a back from everything. This was a statement released by the representatives of Brandy.