The Sad Reality of Maia Campbell Daughter


There was a disturbing video that circulated recently. This showed Maia Campbell, a former child star, acting all out erratic and crazy. This turned out to be a really popular clip as it became viral. It was even a part of most Google trends. The most alarming part of it though was that there were speculations saying that Campbell was really high on drugs. There were even reports adding that she was fixing herself for a prostitution gig. Many were also alarmed about Maia Campbell daughter. All of these were only implied in the video. However, no one should jump into conclusions.

For the last couple of years, there has been a tenfold of rumors regarding the mental issues of Maia Campbell. These reports were insinuating that she might either be schizophrenic, or bipolar. More and more information are yet to be uncovered though. There were those who said that she was once a part of a mental facility. This was directed in California. It was said that this happened for a long period of time. She just left and the reasons for the said departure were not yet learned.

There was a book written by the mother of Maia, Bebe Moore Campbell. This was entitled 72 Hour Hold. She revealed that this was a fiction story. It was about a mother dealing with a daughter who had bipolar disorder. The gist was that the daughter did not want to go to any sort of treatment.

In the said book, the characters of the author reflected that of the reality. The teenaged daughter eventually began acting erratically. She was then diagnosed with manic or depressive disorder. This was the time when their lives started to turn upside down. This was the time when the daughter refused to take any prescribed medication intended for her. Among these were psychotic drugs and mood stabilizers. She just resorted to the use of alcohol. She even added marijuana in the addiction. All of these just amplified and exacerbated her problems. Her self-destructive behaviors became unmanageable. Maia started to self-medicate too.

There were fresher revelations about her condition. These would all shed some light about her real score. It turned out that what she was going through, was never the way it was perceived. At the end of the day, nothing will be better than to pray for her to be well and fine. She really had to obtain the kind of help that she needed.

There was a time when Maia was arrested. This took place as she put one of her daughters in the flaming heat of the spot light. She said that her wallet was stolen and this was the time when she started blurting profanities despite her children being there on the scene. These kids were just under 14 years old. There was a phone call received by the police afterwards. This was said to be about a woman who was creating and making a scene of disturbance in a restaurant. This placed her into a halt again.