Learning more about Dean Winchester Daughter


The conceiving of Emma happened during a one-night stand involving Dean and Lydia. This was the time when Sam tried to kill Dean. She was then shot. This killed her immediately. Emma aged really fast. It was not the usual. This was one of the facts about Dean Winchester daughter. As a matter of fact, it only took two days for her to be conceived. This was customary as far as Amazons were concerned. The process of aging became the norm. When she was still two years old, and was still in her crib, she was already able to communicate. What makes this different is that she even communicated through conversation.

More about Emma

When Emma turned six, she became old in just a couple of hours. Her mother decided to have her sent away so that she would be able to spend time with the Amazon leaders. These leaders were said to be responsible in going for intensive training. This included the consumption of human flesh. This was present with milk. As a matter of fact, branding even occurred. Amazons came with their own mark. This transpired prior to her being sent to have her father killed. This completed the method of initiation eventually.

The moment she landed on the front door of Dean, she told him that she had a plan of escaping the Amazons. She stated that she did want to be what they planned for her to become. This added a conflict. With this, she tried to have Dean enlisted. This helped her in staying off their lane. Throughout, Dean seemed to be sympathizing with the entire scenario. However, she tried to really sneak up on him most especially with a dagger in her very hand. She turned around with only a gun. This was ready. She then had to tell Dean that she would not in any way be able to kill her. Dean said that he could though.

Sam eventually returned from the office of the professor. This was witnessed after she learned that she had to kill Dean. She looked to through the crack seen in the door. Dean was still hesitating during that time. Emma turned so that Dean would be faced. Red eyes were flashed on him. This was the case as faced Dean in order to seek for help. When she did though, she was only shot by Dean in the chest. This immediately put her into her death. All of these transpired during an investigation. Emma, ever since she was young, was indoctrinated.

The role Emma was played by Alexia Fast. This actress was seen in The Benders. She played as Missy Bender. She was set to appear like Dean for they had the same dress. She wore jeans and even a utility jacket. Initially, she was considered to be the child of Dean. She was dubbed as the first supernatural too. She was considered to be a member of the Winchester family. She was a biological member of it.