Muhammad Ali Daughters Name – Learning about Laila Ali and more

Laila Ali With Father Muhammad Ali

Laila Amaria Ali is one of Muhammad Ali daughters name. The retired boxing legend, Muhammad Ali comes with nine children, seven daughters and two sons who are Laila Ali, Rasheda Ali, Hana Ali, Jamillah Ali, Khaliah Ali, and Maryum Ali.

Sonji Roi was the first wife of Muhammad. They met for the earlier was a cocktail waitress. This occurred just a month prior to their marriage on the 14th of August, 1964. There were objections made about this. This transpired because of Roi’s  objection with the customs of Muslims. This is regarding the dress intended for women. This would have contributed to their marriage’s pitfall. Despite this though, they were able to have four children. Among these are Maryum, Rasheda and Jamillah who are twins, and Muhammad Ali Jr.

On the 17th of August, 1967, Ali remarried. This time, it was directed towards Belinda Boyd. After the wedding, the woman converted to Islam for them to share the same religion. This was also the time when she changed and modified her name to that of Khalilah Ali. This occurred despite the fact that she was still referred to as Belinda. This is ideal most especially for most of her family and friends.

An affair between Muhammad and Veronica transpired in 1975. The woman was a model and an actress. In the summer of 1977, the second marriage of Muhammad ended. This was the time when she married Veronica. During the time of that marriage, a baby girl was born. Her name was Hana. Their second child was Laila Ali. After, the two separated and divorced.

Laila, like her father, also turned out to be a boxer. This happened in the year 1999. There were comments given by her father. She was against the idea and this was revealed in 1978. He said that women were not really meant to be hit in the face and breast. Despite this though, Laila was still undefeated. This was the status as of the year 2014. She belonged in the super middleweight category. With this, she won 24 games with no losses and draws.

Ali married Yolanda Williams on November 1986. These were friends ever since. They started hanging out in 1964 when they were still in Louisville. They have one son who is named Asaad Anim. He was adopted when Amin was still give months old.

Ali then became a Cherry Hill, New Jersey resident. This was his status in 1970. They had two daughters namely Khaliah and Miya. The relationship was described as extramarital.

Today, Ali is with Lonnie in Arizona. Way back in January 2007. There was a report saying that they placed their home in Berrien Springs, Michigan for sale. They did this because they bought a home in the eastern Jefferson County. This was in Kentucky. Lonnie, like the ex-wives of Muhammad, also converted to Islam. Originally, she was a catholic. This was the situation until she reached her late twenties.