Tori Amos Daughter Help the Singer Cope with Aging


Tori Amos once said in an interview that her daughter helped her so much in facing the reality that she was turning 50. She said this as she was seen rocking a denim motorcycle jacket. This Grammy nominee who just turned 51 last year was still rocking the black leggings. The same was also true with peep-toe booties and this was achieved thanks to Tori Amos daughter. Her name is Natashya. She just turned 14 and she was one of the reasons why facing 50 did not become a really hard thing at all.

It was really challenging for Tori. She attributed such difficulty for so many reasons. She said that she was asked by her daughter to get her head around the situation. This was the motivation given to her because her daughter wanted her to rock the way she did when she was only 20 years old.

The nineties icon said that her daughter was really instrumental towards achieving her new spirit. She stated that she now realized the importance of going out on her own. She did not need any orchestra, or bad. She could go well and rock raw. She even added that proving anything was never in her vocabulary. If she would want to prove something, it should be done to make herself feel good and nothing alone.

On her new song, she dueted with Tasha. This mezzo-soprano would always be a unique talent. She can straddle even with her piano and Hammond organ alone.

Needless to say, the inspiring words of her daughter helped her a lot in overcoming the reality of life. At the end, no one is really exempted in aging. Everyone has no other option but to accept the occurrence gracefully. If not, it will only be a depression and that is the least thing that people need in their life.

Indeed, the younger generation comes with moving thoughts too. This topic of aging would always be troublesome. This would surely be agreed by Tori Amos. For many people, learning the fullest of life at the age of 50 would not be the easiest endeavor of all. Good thing, her very own daughter allowed her to pave way for aging.

The inspiration was unexpected, most especially as it came from a 13-year-old. However, she has a point. Proving oneself should not be restricted by age. For as long as a person feels good about himself whenever she accomplishes something, that is all that matters.

Tori Amos, or Myra Ellen Amos was born in the 22nd of August, in the year 1963. She is a singer and composer. She can also play the piano. Her talent, aside from being innate, is also professionally honed for she was trained. This made her the mezzo-soprano that she is now. What came to her name were eight Grammy nominations. Usually, she compose pieces with the presence of piano. With this, she was able to win a Peabody Institute scholarship to her name. She was the youngest person for such.