A Closer Look at Bob Marley – What you do not know about Bob Marley daughter

A Closer Look at Bob Marley - What you do not know about Bob Marley daughter

The word reggae and Bob Marley will never be separated. The link has always been automatic and it will be like that for the generations to come. Even today, even after 20 years, he is still known to many. His death from cancer did not stop his influence and this may even be felt through the presence of Bob Marley daughter. Needless to say, his legacy is still here. His popular songs tackling sensitive issues of oppression will never be put to oblivion. The same is also true with regard to his stand in resistance and strife. All of these and more are well known by the supporters of Marley.

The heritage he was able to put through is being carried on by the people he was able to move by his craft and artistry. There are so many rock stars today who credit their success to him. The same is also true for other celebrity, famed musicians and women around the place. According to Don Taylor, Bob Marley being a not so one woman man was indeed a real common knowledge. There was really more to him though.

Rita was a known wife to Bob. They had children together. They have five actually. These are Stephanie, Sharon, Ziggy, Cedella, and Stephen. Sharon, who is considered to be the oldest, is said to be conceived with a man who was not pinpointed and named. This occurred when Rita was only 17 years old. Bob then decided to adopt Sharon when she was only eight months old. This transpired when she got to the life of Rita. Even if she was not by blood related to Bob, Sharon is known to be the favorite of the singer.

When Sharon was 25 years old, she decided to get married. She then went to a name Sharon Marley Prendergast. From the years 1983 to 1984, Sharon decided to take a break from her studies. She was in college during that time. She was supposed to be majoring in business administration because she had a desire to help her other siblings. They were able to record two albums which was given the name The Melody Makers. This occurred way back in 1989. She even attempted to act. This was undertaken with the presence of her half-sister, Cedella. This was realized in a film The Mighty Quinn. This starred Robert Townshend and Denzel Washington. Today, she is a curator in the museum of Bob Marley. This is situated in Jamaica.

As a child, Sharon said that they came with a tenfold of music in their house. They were exposed with gospel music and even music originating from other culture. They always utilize music so that they will be grounded. But then, according to her, their father was very vocal about them entering the music industry. They were not in any way encouraged to do such. However, she decided not to follow because she has a different pang for music.