Macklemore Daughter & Marriage

Macklemore Daughter & Marriage

There is a tenfold of occurrences happening the Mackemore household. Everyone sure knows that he is now a dad. Macklemore daughter has been pretty apparent lately. Aside from this, it is not a secret that he also got married. His wife Tricia Davis was able to receive a really special gift indeed.

This 32-year-old rapper was the one who opened up in an interview about Davis giving birth to their daughter. This is their very first child. It happened late in May. Davis was the one who posted picture on Instagram. This was directed towards his Instagram age. Needless to say, he was a proud dad to Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty, the name of their baby. It was revealed that the rapper really tied knot a month after the girl was born. This transpired after them being engaged for almost two years.

More about the couple

The couple got married on June 27. She said this was observed after the Supreme Court decided the ruling of the same sex couples. A new music was also talked about. They said that it was an incredible year for them. That they were very much in love.

Macklemore initiated the posting of a cryptic tweet. This had something to do about marriage. This made Ryan Lewis involved too. The song was said to be dedicated to the baby. It is entitle Growing Up. This features Ed Sheeran. On the cover of the track, the child is present. Her dad was a part of it. He was wearing a wedding ring which shimmer in gold.

Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty made everyone emotional. A post was published on a website regarding the said baby. He said that the happiness and joy they are feeling cannot be compared to anything. For them, it is indeed a privilege to bring baby to the universe. Sloane is able to fill their hearts in various ways they did not even know possible.

The real name of Macklemore is Ben Haggerty. The announcement of pregnancy was undertaken in January and they did this with a video that focuses emotions and heart-felt energy. This was produced by Lewis. The sex was initially not revealed. This was then due in May. As for June, they remained quiet about the arrival. It was a fan who instagrammed the rapper’s photo. There he was carrying a newborn baby.

Complex magazine on the other hand took charge in interviewing the rapper. The child’s birth was not yet mentioned during that time. The rapper was still battling with substance abuse. He said in the year 2014 that he was burnt out and stressed. He added that it was the only outlet he knew to have. Then, he decided to quit. This was a way to keep himself. He wanted to be the best version of himself which is always admirable. He was very much open about the reaction he has when he learned that his wife was pregnant. He told the interviewers that he got scared at first. A typical reaction that is.