Nicole Kidman daughter – What you do not know about Sunday Rose and Faith

Nicole Kidman daughter – What you do not know about Sunday Rose and Faith

For so many times, Nicole Kidman emphasized that family has always been his priority. This is the truth ever since she married Keith Urban. She would not trade it even for the glittering heights of her career. She always has the latter anyway ever since she started. She said she would be extending her brood for Nicole Kidman daughter in a snap. She made this really clear.

Nicole has been a proud mother of four. This includes teenagers who were adopted and two more with her marriage with Keith. The star shares Faith Margaret, five, and Sunday Rose seven, with Urban and she claimed that she was already done with babies. She have always perceived her daughters as glorious.

As mentioned, she has four children. The two she had with her ex-husband Tom Cruise. One is Isabella, who is 23 years old, and Connor who is 21. Even if she begged her knees to have more, she would not. She admitted that.

It was in the year 2011 when Kidman admitted for Faith Margaret was conceived to a surrogate. She found one at the Women’s Hospital just in Centennial Medical Center. This is considered to be the adopted home of the couple which is located in Nashville.

Nicole has been fond of her big family. She is vocal about this. She even considers herself lucky because of the entire situation. She added that being away from her husband could not be avoided in their work and ever since, this is the challenge.

Of course, even if she has two children with Keith, she makes sure that she keeps in touch with Isabella and Connor too. She makes this way possible with technology and the internet. There are times though when she had to go beyond. After all, it is her children talked about here.

There are actually times when she has to be away from her children. This is the nature of her work. This is why it is crucial for her to know more about technological advancement. With this, she also refers to her other children. Ever since, Nicole is certain that she is not in the position to talk about Scientology. This is her stand despite the fact that Isabella and Connor are both Scientologists. She said that she respects the beliefs of her children with all her might.

In an interview done by Women’s Weekly, she praised her children for being kind, generous and hard working. She included that those traits were really the ones she looks for in her kids. For her children, the set-up of texting and emailing may be quite fine. But then, there is a slight change whenever her relationship with Keith Urban comes in the scene.

Kidman claimed that she never texted her husband. She would rather call him because she wants to hear his voice all the time. She does not use email too. This is how they keep up with their relationship.