What you need to know about Lisa Marie Presley Daughter


Lisa Marie Presley, an actress and singer, turned out to be a popular one because of her associated with his father, Elvis Presley. She then became Michael Jackson’s wife.

This daughter of Elvis Presley was born on the first of February in the year 1968. This happened in Memphis, Tennessee. When she was in high school, she dropped out from school because of her apparent drug abuse addiction. In order to find solace, she found music. This was the time when she released her very first album. The title of the album was To Whom It May Concern. Two big events occurred in her life in the year 2003 because she married both Nicolas Cage and Michael Jackson respectively. Today, she was married again. This is her fourth marriage and she comes with two children. This is the basic facts about Lisa Marie Presley daughter. 

Relationships and more

As mentioned, she had to drop out in high school because of her apparent drug abuse addiction. This started when she was only 17 years only. She actually spent most of her days in a rehab facility called the Scientology’s Celebrity Center. In this facility, she was able to meet a then rock ‘n’ roll singer and musician named Danny Keough. They married each other in October 3, 1988. She was only 20 years old during this time. They had two kids namely Danielle Riley and Benjamin. When they were in the midst of building their family, a music career was found by Presley. She recorded her very first demo in the year 1992. However, she did not accept the record contract offered to her. She was offered another afterwards though.

In the year1994, Keough and Presley separated through a divorce. This occurred after being married for almost six years. When they part ways, Presley became famous for entering a real string of failed relationships. She also did this for marriages. After 20 days of being divorced, she decided to marry Michael Jackson. There were reports saying that Jackson proposed to her over the phone. Their relationship was obviously short-lived. It was Presley who filed her divorce against the singer. This transpired in the year 1996. It was in the year 2000 on the other hand when she got engaged to John Oszajcaa, a musician. During that time, she got involved and met the actor Nicholas Cage. Her engagement with Oszajca was called off just for her to date Cage. The said couple married each other not later on 2002. However, after 108 days of being together, a divorce was filed.

As mentioned, music turned out to be the comforting piece of Presley. This triggered her to launch her very first album entitled To Whom it May Concern. This occurred on the 8th of April in the year 2003. The album even had its debut on the Billboard Hot 200. It peaked to number 5. It was considered certified gold no later than June 2003. In the Ghetto, a single was recorded and this was a duet with her father.